I have been a fulltime professional speculator since 1998 and the owner of The Speculative Investor (TSI for short), a subscription-based web site about the financial markets, since 2000. More information about me can be obtained at the Editor's Bio page.

In an average week, TSI subscribers receive two reports: a Weekly Market Update on Sunday and an Interim Update on Thursday morning (NYT). The Weekly Update typically has 3000-4500 words and 10-15 charts, while the average Interim Update is about half that size. As well as containing information about the gold, currency, stock, bond and commodity markets, these reports regularly include discussions about macro-economics. The economics-related discussions are from an "Austrian" perspective, because I've found that the Austrian School is the only school of economics that is consistently logical and explains how the world really works.

If something dramatically unexpected or unexpectedly dramatic happens in the markets between the regular TSI reports, I will usually email a brief update to subscribers. Additionally, email alerts are sent when I think immediate action is warranted with an existing or new trading position.

TSI subscribers also get access to a list of stock selection ideas. The TSI stock selections have provided very good long-term returns; however, due to the highly speculative nature of the stocks I tend to focus on, my year-to-year returns have been 'lumpy', to put it mildly. For example, since 2000 my own equity portfolio, which comprises many of the stocks covered at TSI, has had six triple-digit years (years when the portfolio was up by at least 100%, without using any debt-based leverage and maintaining a cash reserve of at least 20%) and two years of 50%+ losses. The year-to-year 'lumpiness' of the performance that goes hand-in-hand with my focus on relatively risky (by traditional standards) equities will make the TSI stock selections unsuitable for many people.

In addition to the stock selections that are included in the TSI Stocks List and that get regular updates via the weekly TSI commentaries, I sometimes mention ETF and options trading ideas that my readers, if interested, can follow-up on.