Market News & Commentary

321gold (a large collection of articles covering the financial markets and gold-related investments) (news and articles relating to precious metals)

Hussman Funds (John Hussman's weekly comment often contains gems of wisdom)

Mineweb (a good source of mining-related articles)

The Big Picture (Barry Ritholtz's blog - an interesting and informative read)


Newsletters and Market Advice (subscription required)

Exploration Insights (Brent Cook's weekly analyses of junior mining companies/stocks. It is expensive, but worth the price if you are putting significant money at risk in exploration-stage mining stocks

INSIIDE Track (a good resource for cycle analysis)

Institutional Advisors (Bob Hoye's historical perspective on the financial markets is interesting and informative. The IA service also includes useful technical analysis (three words that usually don't go together) from Ross Clark.)

International Speculator (a newsletter from Casey Research that focuses on small resource (mostly gold and silver) stocks) (Danny Deadlock combs the world of microcap stocks looking for speculative opportunities)

The Dollar Vigilante (interesting and sometimes controversial analyses of the financial and political worlds)

The Moneychanger (Franklin Sanders' monthly analysis of the gold and silver markets as well as general commentary on the financial and non-financial worlds)



Live Precious Metals Prices (from Kitco)

Precious Metals (and other) Prices and News (from The Bullion Desk)

Gold Lease and Forward Rates (from Kitco)

Base Metals Prices, News and Charts (from Kitco)

Futures Market Quotes (24 hours) (from


Charting Services (an alternate source for stock, stock index and currency charts)

Economic Data and Charts (from The St Louis Fed)

Pacific Exchange Rate Service (resource for currency exchange rate charts)

Sharelynx (great selection of charts relating to the precious metals. Subscription required.) (our favourite resource for charts of stocks and stock indices. Subscription required for all except the most basic charting options)


Miscellaneous (in our opinion the most convenient, secure and cost effective way to trade/store gold bullion) (another good way to trade/store gold bullion)

Commitment of Traders Report

The Perth Mint (for precious metals investment)

CBOE Market Statistics (VIX, put/call ratio, etc.)

Stockwatch (good resource for information on stocks in general and Canadian stocks in particular. Subscription required to access most features of the site.)

The Ux Consulting Company (prices, charts and news related to uranium) (thoughts on economics from members of the "Austrian School")

The US Federal Reserve (a huge amount of data on US interest rates, money supply, and debt levels)